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Say a little prayer

6 de maio de 2015

“Eat, Pray, Love” is one of my favorite books of all times. It “found” me when my marriage was ending, so it was easy to relate with the story. It felt so familiar, as if it was written to me, or by me. 

I like very much that part in which Liz tries to pray, asking for God’s help. She was hesitant, without knowing how to approach the “Big Guy”, what would be the right tone to start the conversation. 

I do believe in God. Always have. I am a Christian and followed all the steps stated by religion. Nowadays, truth be told, I do not go to the church that often, but I keep on believing, and keep on praying, and keep on looking for the best way to talk with Him. 

I use to say the beautiful prayers I have learned but, somehow, I think that this is not enough. I believe that I have to talk to tell Him what I feel and what the kind of help I need. Ah, and there is also a lot to thank Him for. I have far more to thank than to ask, lucky me. 

But then, even with Him, so good, so merciful, sometimes is hard to find the right words. A dear friend of mine use to say that the one who learns how to ask gets the wishes granted. And there is also that famous quote which says “be careful what you wish for because you may get it”. You see, the words always have so much power. 

So, God, let’s have a little chat, shall we? I will try my best to be clear, but if I forget something important, feel free to add it because you know better than me. 

Please do not let me close my heart again. Help me to be open to whatever life is preparing for me. Changes are always for good, I know, but I may take a bit long to understand this, so please be patient. Do not give up on me. 

Do not let me forget that there is a horizon ahead of me and all that I need to do is start walking. Let the hope and trust be my companions in this quest. 

I want to find the truth in my feelings and hear the voice of my heart. Please guide my steps and show me the right path to follow. I want to leave all the pain and guilt behind me, and travel light and free. Please help me to be brave and keep on fighting, and to be humble to accept help. Let me have the courage to love and to be loved, truly and deeply. 

That I never stop to learn and to find the joy in this. Help me to attract the right people and the right experiences to my life, and let go all the negative feelings. 

I want to be thankful in all circumstances. I want to enjoy the ride. I want to love as much as I can, being true to my heart and to my soul whatever it takes. 

It seems a good prayer from where I stand now. But, God, you know that life is this eternal working in progress, so I might have to review and edit from time to time. Please, bare with me. Amen. 🙏

Soundtrack: Hallelujah, Bon Jovi


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