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Lost in translation

2 de maio de 2015
Life is simple, but we manage to complicate it. Yeah, we know how to do it like a boss. When it comes to communication, wow, then we are at our best. Or worst, for that matters. 

Sometimes, we choose the silence. We just refuse to tell the world what we feel and want. We are afraid that the truth will make us vulnerable, so we choose to play hide and seek. We pretend to be cool, and strong, and independent, just because it is easier that way. It takes a lot of courage to get out of the shell and speak your heart and soul, because it makes you feel naked.

Sometimes we decide to speak, because we just got tired of pretending, and the silence is about to kill us. But then there are the words, and the words can play tricks. You think about them carefully, go through it over and over trying to get the right pitch, the right message, the right balance. Eventually, you shoot the arrow, and there is no coming back. And you think that your problem is solved because you poured your soul into your words, but baby, you have no idea. This is just the beginning, because it takes two to tango.  

So, you told the world what you feel, want, think, need. Truth be told, sometimes people just do not care, so we better get used to this. Sometimes they care, they understand what you are saying but will not able, or willing, to help you to get what you want, simply because it is not their business, it is yours. Been there, done that, fair enough.

And then there are those cases in which we get lost in translation. You meant to say “A”, but sounds like “Z”, and then the damage is done. Trouble is that you are responsible for what you say, not for what people understand. Sad, but true. You cannot control that, so let go the guilt. Of course, sometimes the mass is really our responsibility because we were not clear or honest enough, but misunderstands can happen even with the most heartfelt, crystal clear and carefully chosen words. 

You know what? Just take the risk and speak your mind, heart and soul. Speak louder, no more whispering.  Do not hope that people will guess what you want/need/feel — they are just people, for Christ sake, not magical creatures with super powers. Tell the truth, whatever it takes. Swallowing the unspoken words hurts more than getting lost in translation, believe me. And when there is silence on the other side of the table, do not be afraid of asking what does that means. It may means nothing, it may means exactly what you are afraid of (brace yourself), but then again not knowing is worse than the ugliest truth. If there is uncertainty, we start guessing and this is by far one of the worse ways to waste time and energy.  

At this point you should be thinking: easier said than done — either telling our truth or asking for another’s. And yes, it is not easy at all. It hurts as hell, scare us to death, but still, it is worth to give it a try.  There are far more interesting games to play than this silent one, that’s for sure.

Soundtrack: Emelie Sandé, Maybe

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